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It happens in a pretty weird fashion

It happens in a pretty weird fashion:

I use the left analog stick to move my character. Sometimes when I release the analog stick, the character keeps on moving and the rest of the buttons don't respond. A few seconds later, the PS3 freezes completely. No button responds except for the eject button. To turn the PS3 off, I have to unplug the power cable.

(It also doesn't recognize the controller when I turn it back on, though I found a way around it)

It happened just once a few weeks ago so I didn't worry much about it, but now it happens frequently. I play for 10-15 minutes and it freezes.

It's a PS3 Slim, 320GB. I've had it for a year now. I always make sure not to play for too many hours straight, I placed it so that the vents have lots of space, and I clean dust off of it every other week. What am I doing wrong? Is there any way to fix this?
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