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hi so this school year me

hi so this school year me and this guy have been in lots of classes together. last school year we barely knew each other and never had a conversation. at the beginning of the year it was all quite okay but recently he's been really friendly-ing up to me. he's been coming up to me and teasing me (even tho we dont have many mutual friends), complimenting me on how smart i am and asking me for help even though he could've asked his smart friend. yesterday we were in groups doing a task and he said that he'd really like me in his group and i should switch with a person in his group. then all my friends started to tease him and he just went along with it, smiled, and blushed. But today he didn't even try to talk to me. And one time one of his friends told me that he said i look very pretty and cute. The thing is that im starting to like him but he doesnt even try to contact me out school/message mee. And he hasnt really made a move or anything. What do you think i do? does he like me?
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