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I'm a senior she's a sophmore

I'm a senior she's a sophmore so I've liked her since I met her and we've been talking so I asked her if she was going to the football game Friday (I'll be playing) and she said no so I asked her to come and watch me play after some convincing she agreed after the game I found her ran up behind her and picked her up by her waist she was just laughing and telling me I was sweaty and gross I put her down we walked around for awhile then she had to leave before she did I hugged her and Idk why I really wanted to kiss her. So I did and she kissed me back then she pulled away really quickly then said she had to go so I apologized asked if she was ok and she said "you're fine I'm sorry...I really like you maybe more than I thought I did but idk if I can do this again" then she left she texted me later and said she was sorry she just had to think about some stuff. It's been 2 days we haven't talked and what did she mean "she can't do it again" did I do something wrong?? Is she mad? Help?
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