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Ok so there's this girl in my class

Ok so there's this girl in my class who I am so jealous of! Her dad owns the largest architecture company in our city and her mom is a surgeon, so her family is super rich, and it doesn't help that she's an only child. She gets everything she wants! The most annoying part is that unless you know her personally you would never guess she's rich because she acts humble. Her family life is probably perfect! I've driven past her house and it's HUGE. Her dad even drives a ferarri or however it's spelled. Idk what her mom drives. Right now this girl drives a 2010 Prius but everyone knows when we graduate this year she's probably going to get something REALLY nice! Ugh, and all the guys think she's super cute! It makes me so jealous! She's smart too and she wants to be a doctor so shell be rich too probably :/. How can I stop being envious? It bothers me that I get annoyed whenever I see her which is a lot because we have almost every class together this year...
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